How I Came to Have a Dog Named Scooby Doo



It’s strange how things happen. We didn’t plan on seeing him again. After all, he had a family already. Let me back up about two years. One morning around the middle of February I was working at my mac– editing, marketing, tutorials, etc. From the second story window in my home office I looked out and saw a dog running around the neighborhood. It wasn’t the usual chicken-terrorizing (and eating) black lab or the dashound/ beagle mix duo waddling about. It looked like what I thought was an Irish Setter. (He’s really a golden retriever; who knew they came in that color?!) Dogs run about often so I didn’t think too much about it.

I usually went to Jazzercise in the late afternoon (after mostly sitting all day I NEED some way to beat the lethargy). That day it was in the 50s so I decided to skip it and went for a walk to get some fresh air. Don’t you know that same red doggy was running around and ran right up to me. He was terribly friendly so I loved on him a while and thought he’d scoot along on his way. Nope. He followed me. I tried to get him to go on his way. Nope. He followed me right to the front steps of the house and wouldn’t leave my side. The sweetest, softest thing, he plopped down right next to me. I sank down on the step wondering what I was going to do. Obviously he belonged to somebody so I couldn’t just leave him to get hit on the road or something. Before I could get stressed trying to figure out what to do with him a bird flew by and that dog was not far behind him! “Guess he’ll find his way home,” I thought.

Back at my desk and about 20 minutes later, I get a text from my mom. It’s a picture of her with that same dog…in the garage! She asked me to come down and see her new friend. (I rent out the upstairs of my parent’s home. We get along well, I get to live in the country, do yard work and have a big garden.) I don’t recall what happened next but he was invited inside where he was the perfect house guest for the next couple days until we could find his owner. In fact he followed each of us around everywhere and if I sat on the floor that dog was instantly laying right next to me with his head in my lap. He was someone’s baby for sure. We called the pound, local vets, kennels and put out notifications on Facebook.

It just so happened that my mom called a vet where the dog’s family’s grandmother works. I also had a friend who saw his picture on Facebook and had a co-worker missing a dog just like him named “Scooby.” Apparently it wasn’t Scooby’s first jailbreak. It was his third. (One more reason to get your dog neutered- they don’t run around so much.

When Darryl, Scooby’s owner, came to the door to claim him the dog came out with tail wagging mightily. After a good hello, Scooby came back and sat at my dad’s feet! We’d have never known it but Scooby was an outside dog 90% of the time. No wonder he loved it at our house so much!

Back to May 2015: Scooby’s family was moving to a new location and wouldn’t have room for him. He needed a new family and ours was the first name to come up. So I guess the rest is history. Or more like a great new beginning for all of us. Here’s to a new road with a golden retriever.  It’s so different already!

Scoob is pure sunshine. We could all use a little more sunshine.