Kimberly and Andrew

It was a beautiful evening a nice break from the chilly weather. Nothing could have made this Columbus Day engagement session better-so I thought. I was thinking this to myself as I stepped out of my Jeep. This lovely thought was interrupted by the high pitched clinking of plastic on the asphalt below. I watched helplessly as the back to my wireless shutter remote went bouncing underneath my vehicle, landing squarely underneath the center of the body. The only way to retrieve it would be to army crawl under there and get it, which I decided to wait and do after I shot the session. At some point during shooting I would find myself lying on the ground to get the angle I wanted. It would be easier to explain pebbles and dirt marring my shirt AFTER the shoot rather than before.

I met Kimberly and Andrew in front the Opera House that evening. We had originally planned to start with photographs there but I discovered some other great places as I was waiting for them to arrive. They are from Richmond, so they didn’t mind “discovering” some little known parts of Lexington. It was their fall break from Eastern Kentucky University and they decided to have engagement photographs taken in plenty of time for their May 22, 2010 wedding.

They are cute couple. Very laid back but very much in love! At one point Andrew said he wasn’t too concerned with the details-he just wanted to marry Kimberly:)

We traipsed around downtown and found unexpected bursts of color, great light and beautiful backdrops. Their photographs turned out lovely!