Lexington, KY Engagement: April & Joel

Joel and April

April is such a sweetheart. Joel is an incredibly nice guy. Who wouldn’t be more thrilled to photograph their engagement portraits and wedding day celebration. April, a symphony teacher, is full of creative ideas by nature. She chose the quaint Pisgah Presbyerian Church and the cute town of Midway for their engagement shots. I had gotten to the church early to check out the light and find some great places on the property for photos. I met Joel for the first time as I saw April and him stepping out of his Jeep Wrangler. The tire covered had the slogan “Life is Good” across the center-just like my Jeep Liberty! I KNEW we were all destined to meet! Below are April’s words on how she met Joel and how he proposed.

How We Met:
Our mothers – June and Cathy – are good friends and have been for a couple of decades. For years, they have regularly met for lunch and usually end up talking about their kids and what all they are doing.
One day after they had met, June (MOG) had a revelation from God that Joel and April should meet. So, a couple of YEARS later, she and Cathy (MOB) arranged for the couple to meet at church one Sunday morning. After a very awkward first meeting up in the balcony at Central Baptist, Joel confiscated April’s email address from his mother. A couple of days later, he emailed April to ask her out.  She will never forget that email and how shocked and happy she was to get it.

Thanks be to God, to Cathy, to June, and to Gaunce’s Deli for hosting several of those lunches!

The Proposal:
Joel asked June (MOG) to distract April the whole day before by having her go help make Christmas breads, sausage balls, cakes, etc. She was kept busy and Joel was busy, as well!

The next morning, – April’s birthday, Christmas Eve – Joel called to wake April at 5:15 in the morning. (She thought he must be insane…) She was then led on a scavenger hunt through his house to find a total of 29 envelopes, one for each month they had been together. Each envelope contained a card (hand made!) with something he loves about April written on it and a clue to find the next envelope. The very last clue was to go out on the deck.

Joel was waiting on the deck, and April was so happy to see him. The clue said, “Plug it in.” And when they did, Christmas lights spelling “MARRY ME” lit up in the back yard as they looked over the deck. Joel got down on one knee, said, “April, will you marry me?” And she said, “YES!! Is it okay if I cry now?”

Alone together

Just Chillin'