Lexington, KY Engagement Photography: Sarah & Justin

The photographs I take of a couple relay their personalities to the viewer.
There is something unique about each photo session. I think you should be
able to look at a photograph of a couple (or series of photos) and be able
to tell what those two people are like; what their love is like. How true
this is with Sarah and Justin. They are two of the nicest people you'll
ever meet. Very easy-going and just genuinely great to be around. They
picked a beautiful farm, Leatherwood Stud, out toward Paris, to take photos.
Vibrant green, rolling hills, ample black fence and stately stables adorned
the property. It was my version of an "eye candy land.":) I asked Sarah
to write a few words about how Justin proposed.

Here's our proposal story:
Ok so Justin proposed to me when we went on
vacation with his family at the beach. It was our second night there
he asked if we could take a walk down on the beach late that night. Of
course i said yes.  He also asked his brother and sister in law to go
with us. Justin said grab the camera we might want to take some
pictures. So we headed to the beach, He knows I love to take photos so
he had his sister in law snap photos as we walked down the beach and
pose making silly faces and just having fun. He said a couple times
let's take a picture like this and we would pose doing something
similar then I was turned around looking out at the water I heard him
day let's take a picture like this I turned around to see what face or
pose he was doing and he was down on one knee and asked me to marry
him! I stood there speechless and finally said yes!

I can't wait 'til the June either!