Lindsay and Nate: Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

If I could have anyone else’s hair it’d be Lindsay’s. It’s so shiny, smooth and the colors are the most delicately woven shades of umbers and reds. There’s no wonder why she’s a great hair stylist in Lexington. It’s even less of a wonder why Nate loves such a dazzling woman. What a lovely couple. From the muted blues in his shirt, down to the turquoise in her cowboy boots, Lindsay and Nate just go together. I went the rolling green hills of Richmond for their engagement shoot. Lindsay is getting married on a hill top on her family’s farm. She’ll walk down the aisle to her handsome groom (Nate) surrounded by the grassy green hills in the distance. I forgot how beautiful it was. It didn’t help that this winter/ spring has been uncharacteristically warm. All the spring flowers were out and Lindsay wanted to make sure she got her photographs with her favorite flower, the buttercup. Some call them daffodils. Southern gals call the buttercups. We took photos all around the quiet countryside ending at a little white country church. What a warm, glorious evening in the country.