Married: Tricia & Todd; Lexington, KY Wedding

It snowed two days before and the day after. But on Tricia and Todd’s big day- sunshine and 55!! It was perfect for their Keeneland clubhouse wedding. The outdoor ceremony risky in March, the day before Palm Sunday, but what a gift to have a beautiful day! Tricia and Todd laugh and have so much fun together- photographing them was a breeze. Their both so genuinely kind-hearted and their families make you feel like you’re one of them:) What an incredible March day indeed!

I dig this purple color!

Tricia incorporated some of her grandma's favorite "red birds" into her bouquet.

I just love flowers and Bel Air Florist always does a fine job of creating combos of little used blooms. I'm always amazed!

How cool is it to have a ukulele player at your wedding?!

My favorite image. The ringbearer watching the planes fly into the airport across the road:)

Cake from She Bakes Cakes

Such lovely spring/ Eastery decor

Todd really wanted cupcakes so behold- his "groomscake."