Modeling Angel Wings for KivaPix

I had the greatest of opportunities to model angel wings for a photo shoot. This wasn’t just for any photographer. It was for the photographer who has taught me so much about everything “photography.” Bill Morgan of KivaPix sent me a photo of himself wearing a giant pair of angel wings he’d purchased saying he needed the perfect model for them. My first thought: I have the perfect hair for the job! So above is a photograph of myself wearing the feathery beauties:)

We spent about 4 hours shooting on Harry and Eileen’s former koi farm and surrounding areas on a Saturday morning in Lancaster, OH. Bill had a TON of ideas. From a swing, to climbing a tree, getting in a pond, standing on a straw round bale, playing at a church…they are all there!

To see the full gallery of almost 200 images from the shoot go here:

Angel Photo Shoot