Personal Challenge

My therapist weighs over a thousand pounds. I actually see several different therapists. They’re all furry, walk on four legs and prefer peppermints to chocolate or Doritos. However if push came to shove, I bet they’d do some damage to a bag of Cool Ranch. Once a week, I make my way to the barn in my neighborhood and saddle up a horse. Or the pony- don’t be fooled though! Clipper is horse-sized and unless you can post like a pro, he’ll leave you with such a case of saddle sore you’ll be begging for a donut cushion! One look in those cinnamon brown pony eyes and you’ll forget all about it though:) In fact spending time learning to ride and about these great creatures changes a person. To hear the swish of the tail, to smell the scent of their sweat, or to feel the warm velvet softness of their noses on your fingertips takes you away from all that troubles you for a bit. Somehow time with an equine is like a mini-vacation. If you’ve never tried horse back riding or tried and had a bad experience, now’s the time to blaze a new trail or conquer a fear. Instead of spare time watching TV or movies, why not try something new? You may become the next John Wayne. Or you might just discover something about yourself you never knew. You’ll be different. Promise. Send me an email if you’d like to know a great place to ride. I’ll refer you to a great teacher.