Scavenger Hunting for a $15,000 Ring

The last scavenger hunt I went on was at church camp several years ago. The winning booty: a box of lime and cherry popsicles. The scavenger hunt I helped sponsor yesterday had a prize worth a bit more than a freezy pop. Couples (engaged, married, dating) raced around downtown Lexington to win a $15,000 diamond engagement ring! Shelia Bayes Fine Jewelers located in the shops at the Lexington Center sponsored the Race for the Rock. Several local wedding vendors were present to show their support and sponsor the teams as they had two hours to find 46 clues, hidden in a 1-2 mile radius of Triangle Park. No motorized transportation was allowed. Bicycles, scooters and runners/ walkers in light blue shirts blanketed Lexington amid the 90 degree heat. You can check out the official site to see the winners and some of the action! Stay tuned to enter for the event next year!

All the Players

searching for clues

Gigi's Cupcakes icing tasting challenge

Arthur Murray's dance challenge clue

finding a clue at the fabulous Sky Bar at the pavillion

Searching through Tops in Lex for a clue

counting the flowers on the cake at Tinker's for a clue

checking for text clues

clues at SImply Love Studio

browsing a Kentucky Bride magazine for a clue

lovely ice sculptures from Four Seasons Catering

beat after a long race

the winners!!!

Congratulations and thanks to all who came out and played!!!!!!!

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