Tembre & Michael: Louisville, KY Engagement Photography

You know those couples that are so cute together because not only are they affectionate, but also best friends? The couples you just sit back, smile and admire? That’s Tembre and Michael. I met them through another couples’ wedding I photographed this summer. We had such a fun time at Shaker Village taking photos. Tembre and Michael were up for any kind of adventure I suggested. Even at the end, Tembre waded into garden, braving the giant spider in the garden for some beautiful evening images. Of course, having her knight in shining armor there to protect her from the monstrous arachnid made the journey much easier. I am SO EXCITED for your October wedding! It will be here before you know it!

I asked Tembre to write a few words about how she and Michale met:

Michael and I met when he moved from Charlotte, NC to attend UK.  He came for the trumpet studio, but also being a vocalist he auditioned and made the mens’ a cappella group AcoUstiKats.  I was in the female a cappella group and we met his first semester while we sang together.  I thought he was interested in my friend, so I all but ignored him (also because he was a Duke fan), while he began pining for me. I was completely unaware of his interest and read nothing into the little notes that he would leave for me.  I didn’t realize it until my friend called me crying saying that Michael had told her he liked me instead (silly, I know.)  I assured her I didn’t like him and that I’d ignore his messages etc. However, after I became “aware” of him, I started realizing how similar our families and our interests were.  Around Christmas he sang this big solo for a concert and my goodness his voice was incredible.  I fell in love with him over and over every time I listened to that CD.  Over the winter break we began writing facebook messages that grew and grew and finally on Christmas day I called him.  Every day after that we talked on the phone until late at night.  My family began making bets as to how long it would be before we started dating even though I assured them, we were just friends.  I told Michael I couldn’t date a Duke fan, and that even if I wanted to, my father would never allow it.  Fortunately, he saw how silly he’d been and turned his allegiances toward the REAL Blue and White (UK.)  We made it official 2 weeks later.  :)