That Moment

Crying: it’s not something I do at weddings. It’s not my job to cry. It’s my job to be professional, to smile, to always have it together, to be strong. It’s my job to be happy when it’s 100 degrees out, we’ve just begun formals and guests are already yelling at me to hurry up because they’re hungry. It’s my job to be reassuring when we need to get all the photographs taken before the 6:30 ceremony, it’s 5 ’til 6 and the bride doesn’t even have her dress on. There’s just no room for crying.

Then something happens. The world stops for a minute. There’s an earthquake in my soul and a daze in my vision. One moment dropped my guard and a tear rolled down my cheek. To see a man cry is the most tender thing in the world. A real, lasting love…when a father has his last embrace with his little girl. Yes, those are the times that break me. Yes…those times.