The $27 Paintbrush

There it is. The paintbrush I paid $27 for 2002 while studying art at Belmont University. A person ends up buying all kinds of materials like that in art school. I betcha didn’t know a small brush like that could be so expensive. I can’t remember the brand and I’ve used it so much the writing has long worn off. You’re probably wondering why someone would pay that much for something so small. I say it’s worth every penny. When wet with paint and turpentine, it becomes pin-sharp at the point for precise thin lines! True, I’m biased. I’m an art nerd to the core; hopelessly creative. Painting is something I have done a lot of and still do, especially in the summertime when everything outside is so colorful and full of life. You can learn a lot about photography from painting. Colors, shading, light studies and composition all translate. Photoshop is referred to as digital painting and Illustrator as digital drawing. I dig it all! My hands smell like linseed oil right now:)

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