The Hubers; Lexington, KY Family Photography


I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a cold, wet Saturday morning. I chuckle as I think about that. Cold…wet…sounds terrible! But so many of the experiences we have in life are made by the people we do them with, not so much the experience itself. One could visit the summit of a mountain with the most spectacular view but if you have no one to turn to and exclaim what a sight it is to, it’s not as grand. However you could spend all after noon addressing and stamping envelopes but if you’ve got a group of the liveliest friends with you, it’s the best time in the world! Spending that Saturday morning with the Hubers was well worth it! It’s always like a family reunion to me. There are 4 brothers, two of whom I’ve photographed their weddings. Joel and April’s wedding was on a stifling hot, humid June afternoon. It was so hot the cupcakes were melting! Now Justin and Alison’s was exact opposite. It was a crisp, sunny March day. It was a breezy day and the mercury may have climbed into the upper 30s. Oh did I mention it was an outdoor wedding? Lol. It was memorable and their guests were still as happy as ever to be apart of the ceremony.

April called me and wanted all the brothers and their families along with her parents-in-law in family portraits. So we all gathered at 9:30 on Saturday morning and prayed the rain would end long enough for us to do photos. What do you know? It surely did! Thank you Lord for that. Two solid hours of no rain!

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