A Note to the Prince Charming

You are the only man good enough for her; the only one she wants to spend her time with. No one can make her laugh like you can. No one can challenge her to be more than she is like you can. You can make her smile bigger and heart flutter faster than the hundreds of other guys she’s met. Of all the men she’s been around, you are the only one she wants to touch and the only one she dreams of being touched by. It’s not just the way you hold her body in your arms but the way you keep her precious heart in your hands. You’ve not once asked her to be perfect because you think she already is. You are the only one she wants to even be close to because she knows you love her-all of her. And she loves you-no matter how stupid the mistakes you make are. It doesn’t mean you won’t argue about things. You probably will! But she’ll be willing to work them out because there is no way she could give up on someone so incredible. You are him! You are the darling Prince Charming Cinderella has waited for.