Vanessa and Bryan: December Wedding, part 1

Vanessa and Bryan: great couple, best friends. This Dec. 19 wedding day celebration had been long awaited indeed. After being engaged for more than a year, these two were more than ready to start the rest of their lives together. Christmas time is a beautiful time to get married. There are rich colors and sparkles everywhere!

Vanessa was so relaxed and jovial as she was surrounded with lots of family from near and far away El Paso, TX. Being relaxed on your wedding day makes it sooooo much better. Bryan was all smiles too but he was just a tad bit nervous. The butterflies got he best of him and he found himself throwing up in the bathroom before they met at the alter. Poor Bryan. After that it was smooth sailing!

They both got ready at separate ends of the Four Points Sheraton, where the reception would later be held that evening. The bridal was was packed with 10 bridesmaids, several grandmothers, mother of the bride, a couple flower girls, myself and one of my assistant photographers, Kim Dalton. Needless to say, it was quite the room full of laughter as Vanessa got laced into her gown! Corsets-gorgeous but not a woman’s idea! The best part was Vanessa trying to put on her hose AFTER she got into her dress:) Not being able to bend from the corset-style dress, she had to rely on her maids for support! Note to self when getting married: hose before dress.

The party and family were whisked away to Macedonia Christian Church in limos and hummer limos in three shifts, starting with the men. Vanessa and Bryan chose to have a private meeting time before the ceremony to allow more time for photographs. We took some great creative shots around the church and even got to step out onto the front steps where snow covered the ground! Then it was back in side for a marathon run of 1.5 of formal portraits with family. In between shots I had switched lenses and set one down on a pew next to me. The ring 4-year-old bearer found it, picked it up and started licking it like a lolly pop! They were quite a crew!

Always put the hose on before the dress. Always.:)

Bill Morgan, my second shooter, caught this one of Bryan meeting Vanessa.

More to come…