Wedding/ 50th Anniversary, David & Alice; Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer


The celebration was set for Saturday, January 23.  We woke up Thursday morning to see a winter storm warning for Friday/ Saturday in the weather forecast. They were calling for up to 14″! Friday morning the skies let loose with 30+mph winds all day and about 8″ of snow. Would the celebration the next day be on?

David and Alice had waited 50 years for a wedding celebration and they weren’t about to wait any longer! See when they were dating David was called up to go to war while Alice was in nursing school. Having no time for a wedding, they went to the Justice of the Peace for an exchange of vows. Now this was back in the day when you had to have a blood test to be married. It took three days to get the results back in KY. They thought in Indiana you go the results back the same day so they drove there to get married. Come to find out you had to wait three days also! So David and Alice took the blood test and drove back to KY to wait. Back to Indiana the third day for the results and a courthouse union. Sadly, it was the same day David had to leave-for a whole year! They didn’t even spend one night together.

So this year, 2016, the Wilsons celebrated 50 years of married bliss by having not only a party but a real wedding ceremony! They didn’t even see each other before the wedding:) It’s still a wonderful, sweet love. It has stood the test of time- the better, the worse, the rich, the poor. What all marriage is designed to be:)


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