Wedding: Genna & Drew


Since winter has decided to evade us this year, I’m posting this December wedding. I just love this couple. So down to earth, so fun:) Here is Genna’s story on how she met Drew and how he proposed.

“Drew and I apparently first met in kindergarten, but didn’t really get to know each other because he transferred to a different school.  We met at his 17th birthday party at Jigwater in Richmond Ky.  To get to jigwater you have to cross a creek in trucks which make it a great hang out  with out the likelihood that cops or parents are going to show up.  Drew and I were sitting on the back of a mutual friends truck and started talking.  It was dark and I liked the sound of his voice and his opinions, but I couldn’t really see what he looked like.  I told him I was hungry and couldn’t imagine using the restroom in the wilderness, so being a nice guy he took me to Wendy’s (Only after I checked with my friend to make sure he wasn’t some crazy guy).  Really I just wanted to see if he was as cute as his voice sounded. :)  Luck for me he was.  We started dating a week later and have been together ever since for the last 8 years.  In hindsight it probably wasn’t that great of an idea to get in a truck with someone I didn’t know that well but it must have been meant to be.  Drew has been there for me through everything!  High school, nursing school, and now in real life and I don’t know where I would be without him.
The proposal…  At the time Drew and I had been dating for 7 years and I had made up my mind that we weren’t ever getting married.  So on November 26th 2010 he went and bought a new truck.  This wouldn’t be significant except for the fact that I was so angry with him because I thought he was just being selfish.  I specifically told him, “great, I guess I am never getting married!  I’ll just be your girlfriend forever nothing more”  Stupid me didn’t know that he had already bought a ring he just hadn’t asked me to marry him yet.  Two days later on November 28th, after living together for two years we had decided to put up our first Christmas tree together.  We got a tree, lights, and ornaments from his parent’s house and had also shopped at Lowes for a tree skirt and more ornaments that day.  When we got home we both started out stringing the lights and hanging ornaments on the tree together.  When we got to the colored ball ornaments Drew offered to put the ornament hangers on if I would put them on the tree.  So he asked me if I wanted a silver one and I said yes.  Then he asked me if I wanted a blue one and I said yes.  Then when I turned around he asked me if I wanted to marry him.  I for once had nothing to say.  It felt like I just stared at him in disbelief for a very long time.  I obviously said yes and then started crying (Which I don’t do).  The way he proposed is the reason I used ornaments for our decorations and wanted a Christmas wedding.”