Wedding: Kaitlin and James; Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer

Frazier565 Kaitlin and James are the sweetest couple. They are both gentle and tender-hearted. There is a genuine caring between them. It was a perfectly warm late September day they chose for their wedding. We began with photos and a first look on the farm where Kaitlin’s sister and brother in law live. The lush green grass and quaint black fences provided the perfect backdrop. A ceremony at Maxwell Street Presbyterian and reception at the Signature Club followed. Decor and flowers by Crist Creona; cake by Martine. Frazier003Frazier042Frazier043Frazier051Frazier081 Frazier085Frazier105Frazier140 Frazier150Frazier157Frazier205Frazier192Frazier220 Frazier247 Frazier256 Frazier277 Frazier254 Frazier286Frazier292 Frazier332 Frazier337Frazier436 Frazier490 Frazier501 Frazier527 Frazier547Frazier802Frazier803Frazier804