Wedding: Vanessa & Bryan, Part 2

After the ceremony, and since we had taken all of the photographs already, it was off to the reception at the Four Points Sheraton. That meant back to the sweet ride in the Hummer limo! I’m not sure which was more exciting to me: all the colorful changing lights and the fact it was a limo or that I got to sit down for 20 minutes straight! It’s not often during a wedding day I sit down much. I don’t want to miss a minute of the action with my camera. There is nothing too unimportant to capture.

Going to a party in a limo!!!

Once at the Sheraton, we all found the reception hall not quite prepared for the guests. It was a great opportunity to take some creative shots. I had come to the Sheraton prior to the wedding so I knew exactly what I wanted. I also had been studying the master cinematographers like Orson Welles and had been chomping at the bit to try his moody lighting. I love the Italian painter Caravaggio and try to make his style come to life in my photos.

the only two people in the world

Once the reception started it was non-stop fun and action catalyst by John Tobias from Ace Entertainment. A great celebration for a great couple!

cake by Martine’s

party time!

Bryan was cuttin' a rug too!

Even the DJ was on the dance floor getting the guests to party! Do you have your tie on your head yet?